About me

Hey, I’m Drew. My incredible wife Candice and I have been married for 3 years and we have one cat. (Possum) She is finishing up her degree at SFA (She’s an English major) and I graduated with my degree in Communication from SFA as well. I guess technically I’m still the new guy at KSWP/KAVX,  I came onboard full-time in January of 2008 to work as the Promotions Director an On-Air DJ. I love Christian music especially rock and I’m in a band called Considered Rubbish (Phil 3:8 NIV) Yeah, so ….thats about all I can think of right now. Don’t forget to check out the other DJ’s blogs.


  1. This is a good start but I think more about me could help it be more interesting… 🙂 haha. jk. love you!

  2. I have to investigate any men with the moniker “Drew”
    Ask Tim-Dwyan who I am. say hey to Al and Michelle for me while u r at it. It is good to see who is doing what on the stations

  3. i listen to u everyday and i just love the station and all that is going on. i know your wife she is an amazing person, she is funny and super sweet but now that she is going to school during my class it is hard for me to see her for more tahn like 5 minutes. i am praying for the station daily. Sarah

  4. Hey Drew…thanks for coming to CD release concert on Saturday. It was great to meet you. I look forward to talking with you in the future. Send me your email and I will send pictures I took. You did a great job! 🙂

    Be Blessed and a Blessing!
    Colleen and Justin

  5. If you were traveling at the speed of light and you turn your headlights on what would you see?

  6. You need to update this!

  7. hey drew havent heard you on the radio much latley.

  8. I’m still rockin in on the air from 3-7 Mon-Sat. I did take a few days off sick maybe a week or two ago, but I’m still here I promise!

  9. We sent our music boat video contest entry to:


    If this email address is incorrect, please let us know.

    Sharon & Glen Miller

  10. Is there a way i can get that CD!?
    Considered rubbish!??

  11. Considered Rubbish’s Album “Break the Fall” is available at The Good Book in Nacogdoches. I’m working on making it available online, either by download or mail. I’ll give an update when i work that out. Thanks for asking.

  12. Drew! What is up former roomie! Hey man, I’m glad God is putting you in such a great place and I pray that this ministry is truly blessed. Hey, if I get my album recorded, I’m sending it your way bro! Peace and Jesus!


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