Posted by: Drew Wilson | August 11, 2010

Before and…After Edmund

Ok, so ignore the dumb title here, if you haven’t heard of the band After Edmund then you are in for a tasty treat. I had the pleasure of running into these guys last year while they were touring with Building 429 and Above the Golden State. (break for funny story)

So I’m backstage at this concert and I get like 5 minutes to do the fastest interview ever with the guys from B429. I thought i was getting like 15 minutes but you know, things change. I’m setting up my camera in the hallway because the road manager wont let me in the dressing room. (no hard feelings) This hallway is like an echo chamber and the restrooms/dressing rooms are at the end, only about 20 feet from where I’m doing the interview. We start talking and i can tell this audio is just not strong, I’m asking the Building guys to speak loud so I can ensure that the video will be usable and in the middle of this disastrous interview…one of the guys from After Edmund starts hacking up a lung in the bathroom and they’re all laughing and running around. (without pants I believe, haha) Thus pretty much putting the nail in the coffin for this interview hahaha. That’s when i knew these guys were going to be fun. The show was amazing and i’ve been a pretty hardcore fan ever since.

(back to the important stuff)

After Edmund is a Grammy nominated band that brings incredibly fun and passionate music without sacrificing the sharing of their faith and how it affects them. Their live show is one of the best and most fun i’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of.

The good news is you can be a part of one of their live shows too, very soon.  (Friday August 13th in downtown Henderson)

Here is the latest single/video for After Edmund.

Also other favorite AE songs include: Clouds, Thank God, Stealing Away, Like a Dream, Birds …and really the list continues. Both albums are excellent. really.


  1. Met these great guys at the same concert. Had back stage passes. Our relationship with them has steadily grown from there. They have been such an encouragement to us (mostly my 13 year old daughter) through my husband’s terminal cancer and his death. They are real! They walk what they talk. We are mega fans and work hard to promote them.

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