Posted by: Drew Wilson | August 10, 2010

Us and Them

Often times as believers, we find ourselves in a place where we are caught between being against sin (and anything less than God’s best) and being for people who commit them. Honestly, this is most evident when it comes to issues of gay rights and specifically gay marriage. (a pretty tricky subject at the moment)

We are called to love people but discourage sin.  So how do you cope when someone’s seemingly most important attribute is considered sinful by God’s word?

I love to see how Jesus responds in situations like this.

I think one of the most helpful interactions for this situation has to be Jesus’ meeting with the woman caught in adultery. (John 8:1-11)

Notice Jesus doesn’t seek legal action in her case. He offers grace and encouragement. Also note he does not take the view that what she has done is acceptable, but offers her a second chance to do things right.

Its funny how as a believer I understand that my connection with God is a relationship (not a list of do’s and dont’s) but its very easy when it’s another person’s actions in question its to throw the “rule book” at them.

There are no easy answers for situations like this but rather than just letting people know what God and his people are against, lets let them know what we are for. (more on that thought in a great article i read in Christianity Today)

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