Posted by: Drew Wilson | July 20, 2010

To Spank or not to Spank, that is the question…

So, i’m not a parent but i still found this interesting. see what you think.

Let me know your thoughts, share a comment!


  1. I remember telling my mom that I would never spank my children, when I became a parent. This usually occurred during or after a spanking I received and at various tones of voice. But now I understand why spanking was used. One, it is very effective. If I pulled my sister’s hair, then got spanked, I thought extra hard before doing it again. And would only pull her hair if she really deserved it! Two, putting me in the corner or sending me to my room was not a punishment. I, like most kids, had a very active and vivid imagination, so while I was standing in that corner, I was really exploring space. I only had to land my rocket when my ‘punishment’ was over, and I went outside to play. Being sent to my room was around the same line, all of my toys were there and my siblings weren’t!

    My mom executed spankings perfectly. When we were doing something that was not good, she would tell us to stop or we would get a spanking and would tell us how many licks we would receive. If we did not stop right then, she would silently leave the room just long enough to retrieve the belt or the dreaded switch. And once it was in her hand, she would not relent. All begging and pleading was fruitless, because we had disobeyed her, and it was time to pay the consequence. Before spanking us, she made us explain what we had done wrong, why it was wrong, and why we had to get a spanking. Then she counted out the licks, and would always stop at the number she told us.

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