Posted by: Drew Wilson | July 16, 2010

Where’s Ashton? I think I got Punk’d…

Wow, I’ve never had such a frustrating ordeal over such a seemingly small issue.

It all started with me getting a ticket for having my inspection sticker out and not having my current address on my drivers license. That ticket started a chain reaction of annoying and time wasting events.

My first trip was to get my car inspected. It was after five but this place was still open which sounded like a good thing to me, but when i pulled out my insurance i realized it was out of date. No current insurance, no inspection and its after five so the insurance place is closed. Ok, so I had no luck today but tomorrow I would try again.

The next morning I went to the DPS office to update my address. I waited in line with about 5 other people who were also waiting oustide the building previous to 8am. When it was finally my turn we went through all the paper work, signed on the dotted line and when i tried to pay with my debit/credit card….that transaction ended. They only take cash or check, which i had neither at the time.

Not wanting to waste the morning i went and got an updated insurance card and got the inspection done. Check one off the list.

My next trip to DPS was successful, i came with check in hand on my lunch break. Now i’m really feeling like im on a roll.

So this morning I head to the court to get my ticket dismissed.  Again, there before 8, waiting on the doors to open with a few others. Once inside i submit the ticket, my temp license (with current address) and a receipt for inspection. Turns out the receipt for inspection was not good enough because it didn’t have my vehicle info on it. (In my head i’m screaming “just look at my car! its like 10 steps outside, with a brand new inspection sticker on it!) But on the outside I took my paper work and tracked back to the inspection place to get a new receipt.

Finally with another trip back to the courthouse, I put my paperwork through the tiny slot and now I’m no longer a wanted man. haha.

I’m pretty sure I spent more in gas money than the ticket would have cost to just pay out.

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