Posted by: Drew Wilson | May 4, 2010

Time Square Bombing Suspect Caught

I stand by my theory, never trust someone with a uni-brow. It’s a good rule, and really came through on this one.

On a more serious and spiritual note, this whole episode is another chance to remember how limited and short our time is here. If that bomb would have gone off…who knows how many people’s lives would have ended and none of them had a clue that their time here would end so soon.

We don’t know either. I pray that no tragedies happen to you or your family, but the truth is we never know how much time we have left here on earth. We also don’t know how much time until Jesus will return and we know that it could happen even before I finish this sente

ok you get the point.

So here’s the point. Live your life like this could be your last day.

If this was your last day how would you live?

Would you take time to share Christ with someone if you knew he was coming tomorrow? You can make a difference, but it starts with remembering we don’t have the promise of tomorrow. Lets wake up and live like we mean it.


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