Posted by: Drew Wilson | April 28, 2010

Dove Awards

Here’s a quick link for video’s and info about the recent Dove Awards. Catch interviews/performances from your favorite artist here.


  1. well i couldnt get the email thing to work to send in a prayer request so i thought id leave a comment and hope yall check for comments. . .
    so since the national day of prayer has been canceled i decided i didnt like that! at the school i came from (douglass isd to pineywoods acadamy) they always had meet you at the pole and i think that it is very important to keep that in school systems. well when i came to pineywoods they didnt have anything to do with GOD on this campus. i have decided to get together some people and go ahead and hold the meet you at the pole. please pray for me and my school. this is very important to me. also please pray that GOD will pour out his spirit in our area. WE NEED GOD NOW MORE THAN WE EVER HAVE AS A NATION. please please please please pray

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