Posted by: Drew Wilson | April 19, 2010

No more cereal bowls?

Have you ever been out of cereal bowls but really wanting some cereal?

Its funny the kind of things we will put cereal in, the big mixing bowl maybe with the matching serving spoon, the random tupperware, maybe a big cup.  So there’s normally no big bad consequence for that but it does show off our natural desire for what we want, when we want it any way that we can get it.

On a similar note, the same product at the grocery store cost double at the convenience store down the road. You will pay for convenience.

Here’s the bottom line. Seeking out convenience will leave us upset with the end result every time. Following Christ is not convenient. Is is not always easy. It is not always exciting, but it’s always right and I’ve never known anything else in this world to give me more satisfaction than following Him.


  1. Amen!!! The road might be very bumpy and real narrow but walking with the Lord is the most amazing feeling!! I am at awe of His wonder and what He shows me each day. I wouldn’t want to be any where else but in His will.

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