Posted by: Drew Wilson | April 1, 2010


Freedom can be a tricky subject.

Some would say that living as Christ commanded, with all the do and dont’s, is nothing like freedom because it keeps you from doing what you want. I can see that point of view, it makes sense on the outside.

Some would say that doing anything you want is freedom. Going out and drinking, sleeping around, and generally anything you felt like at that moment would be true freedom. I again I do understand where they get this idea.

Here’s the problem.

Sin is addictive and makes you its slave. Before you know it…your not choosing to do something, its more like its choosing you or you feel compelled to do it. (ie: alcoholism, drug abuse, smoking, sexual addicts, do i need to continue?)

And on the other side of the argument, when we follow God (the creator of the universe and everything in it) then we can truly find our purpose in this life. You can use a hammer for lots of activities, but you will find it really works and you get the most satisfaction when you are using it for what it was designed to do, driving or pulling out nails.

God’s boundaries (his so called do’s and dont’s) are there to protect us, not to limit our satisfaction in this life but to maximize it.

I don’t know about you, but the times in my life when I am following God the closest, that’s when I feel the most peace and satisfaction ever.


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