Posted by: Drew Wilson | March 29, 2010

Working backwards

I heard a great thought from our pastor this Sunday. Something that can change your perspective and maybe give you a little hope.

Basically, the thought was this,  (and i will probably not say this as well as he did) sometimes it’s better to measure from where you’ve been rather than where you’re headed. (I know that sounds weird but follow me.)

If you are a believer and you have accepted the forgiveness of God then He has changed you, you are a new creature. (2 Cor 5:17)

He made the point that its easier to have 1 million dollars in the bank and figure out how to use it, than to start with nothing and try to get 1 million dollars in the bank.

God has given you the tools you need. When you accept Him, He dwells in you! It’s not about being something or someone that you’re not. Its about finding out who (and who’s) you really are.

Trust in Him, He has given you what you need to do his work. (i’m not saying you can stop studying) But, don’t delay sharing what God has done in your life, He has given and will give you everything you really need.

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