Posted by: Drew Wilson | March 24, 2010


Alright, back in the saddle now hahaha. The “We Want the World to Hear Tour” was a lot of work but it turned out to be such an amazing night that it was easily worth it. Thanks to everyone for coming and bringing your family out to the show.

Well, now that the concert is over my world goes a little more back to “normal”, if you can call it that at all.

**In Other New**

There are some great family events coming up!

Nacogdoches Rodeo starts this Thursday and Impact Cowboy Church is working toward making opening night a Christian Family Night at the Rodeo. Pretty cool idea I think, this year they are seeing the response and if it goes well…we might have a full on Christian Family Night at the Rodeo next year. This year you can score discounted blocks of tickets from Impact Cowboy Church (936-564-6708)

Race For Life: Hosted by Lufkin Pregnancy Help Center is this Sunday afternoon! 1 mile fun run and 5k race.  Call for more details (936) 632-9292. Plus I’ll be there! (what more do you need? lol)

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