Posted by: Drew Wilson | March 11, 2010

What’s Next

So I kinda had one of those moments when you realize something that you kinda already knew but you have a deeper understanding and it feels all new. Let me try to explain.

Spiritual growth is addictive, after all it is growing a relationship with Christ. Remember when you first met a boyfriend or girlfriend? You wanted to spend every second together, you wanted to learn more and more about that person. In a sense you were addicted to that relationship.

So, I’m feeling that spiritually i’ve had some great growth recently and I’m really excited about it but then after a few weeks that buzz has faded and I’m realizing that I’m ready for more growth but it feels like i’ve hit a plateau (like spiritual growth writers block or something). Thats when it hits me!

It was almost like God whispering in my ear! He says, ok Drew, so you want to grow closer to me right?…Then whats the next part of your life that you are going to turn over to me?

I was blown away. It was so obvious but somehow it just clicked deeper than ever before. If God is going to take over your life, you have to give a new part of it up for him to have.

If God has 10% of your life and you are holding 90% and you want to grow closer to him, then you have to release another percent of you. Let go of that ground and let God take it over. Leaving you with 89% and God with 11%.

Some might say, well why not just give it all at one time? Well, this is a process. Its like growing, you don’t go from being a toddler to a 20 year old. It takes step by step, day by day growth.

So whats the next part of your life that you are going to turn over to Him?


  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog. God is speaking to me through your blogs. Helping me see that I am on His path. Going to share a testamony with you. I am stepping out on faith, feeling led to TN and not knowing what is in store but taking the steps towards that. Praying if its Gods will for me, God will have things fall in place and use me there.

  2. Thats awesome Franki, It makes my day to know that God can even use the words I share on this blog to touch people’s lives. I’ll be praying for God to give you clarity of his will for you and guidance to get there!

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