Posted by: Drew Wilson | February 5, 2010

Is busy a sin?

So let me start this out by saying, I’m going to share a quick thought here. If you have any scripture or thoughts please share.

(yes if you guess that I’m busy and the blog cannot have much of my time to day, you are right. Hi my name is drew and im a hypocrite)

I am chronically busy. Even when I have nothing to do, i will find something to do. I’m not great at relaxing because i have a drive to get things done, or at least work on them.

That sounds like a good quality at first (good ole’ hard working drew), but when you look closer you can see how my busyness can really be problematic.

Ever had one those times where you were driving and late to get somewhere and out of the corner of your eye you see someone stranded on the side of the road, or a person who looks like they could use a hand doing something? You know you should stop and help, or at least check and make sure they have someone coming to help them, but…we’re busy. We don’t have the time to stop on the side of the road for five minutes to check on someone.

So lets wrap this up and get to the point and the main question. Is busy a sin?

Here’s my quick thoughts ( I want to hear yours as well) If your busyness prohibits you from following the leading of the holy spirit, keeps you from loving your spouse the way you should, or makes you so unavailable that you can’t be there for your family and friends then you should take a hard look at your busyness. It is very likely that your busyness has become sinful, especially when it gets in the way of following Christ in your daily life.

One last kicker…this is also sooooo true for people in ministry. (My opinion here) You can be too busy doing ministry. I know that sounds harsh but if you are doing it all, chances are you are not doing a good job of delegating responsibility. (remember Moses in Exodus 18:13-26) Don’t strive to be busy, strive to be available to do what God leads you to.



  1. I agree. I think it is very important to live a life that allows one the freedom to follow the draw of the Holy Spirit and to be open to God’s directives in one’s life.

    Think of the account of Mary and Martha. We should all strive to live a life that allows us to spend time at the feet of Jesus.

  2. I’m loving this topic… as a busy college student… surrounded by other busy college students… we tend to think that it’s okay… that that’s the way its suppose to be. But where’s our life? Where’s our love? its sucked up by all the other STUFF in our lives…
    I am currently going to 3 bible studies a week… +school +4hrs of work a day(at least) +stuff Ive volunteered to do!… but where’s my time spent in God’s Glory? that’s something that I cant box out in my planner, and that’s a problem…

  3. Oh wow, yeah life gets crazy and even after college you will still feel that way, lol. I think its so interesting when someone asks me how I’m doing, I always want to say “busy”. Its like the acceptable response because if we don’t say we’re busy then we must be lazy or something. Its the strangest thing, but something we need to overcome. We MUST be available to love others and we MUST dedicate time to maturing in Christ.

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