Posted by: Drew Wilson | February 1, 2010

All Alone while Surrounded by Friends

Things are super busy today but please don’t take the brevity of this note to imply that this is a small issue and not a huge problem in our communities.

Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and all other social networking websites and services are pretty cool. They do have amazing advantages in connecting people especially when hundreds of miles separate friends. They are in no way inherently evil or bad, but the way they are used can determine if they will be a positive or negative influence on the relationships in your life.

The main idea here is this. (and this is something I picked up from Matt Chandler) We must remember that social networking is a supplement to relationships. Is is very much NOT a substitution for spending real face to face time with someone.

Social networking alone will build face recognition and acquaintances. It will not build strong relationships by itself.

Have you ever walked into a party or room full of people you recognized but really didn’t have anyone you could really go and talk to comfortably? That’s not the same as walking into a room full of your friends, who know you and love you.

Remember how we were talking about community the other day? Well this is a key point in building that community of believers. You must spend time face to face with each other, learning about one other especially if you want any kind of real accountability from them. How can someone honestly check in with you and expect honesty through a text or instant message? I would think honestly and trust is much more reliable in person.

When someone knows you they can tell when you’re going through a tough time and they can be there to support and encourage you. If you want real friends and real community of believers around you then spend time with them.

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