Posted by: Drew Wilson | January 27, 2010

Here’s the church…here’s the steeple…

Where do you go to church? That’s a pretty common question, but our word choice could be meaning more than we know.

What is Church? Contrary to popular belief is it absolutely NOT a building. A better definition would be the community of believers.

Ok so we can “define” church correctly….now what? Well, when you change that definition of  “church” its also got to change how you interact with it. right? Instead of “attending” or “going” to church you would “belong” to a church. Basic English skills (which is all I have) tell you that if church is a group of people you don’t…”go to” them…you hang out with them, spend time, eat with them, live with them.

Unfortunately (and this is pure guess on my part) a majority of church “attenders” show up, daydream and then exit church and as quickly as possible make their way to the best mexican restaurant available. Hopefully you agree that this falls WAY short of how God designed the church community.

You church community (or church family) should be people that you interact with on more than a once a week handshake level. But its so easy to let that be the end of it. These should be people that we let into our lives, for encouragement, for friendship, for discipleship and even for accountability. I find it hard for my “church community” to keep me accountable when all we have is a 2 minute conversation about the weather over an awkward handshake.

Let me end wit this. Church is so much more than a building. It is God’s plan to help us stay strong for him. Our “church” should be indistinguishable from our friends. (that was big word right there that i hope i used correctly but just to be safe  let me try that again) The people we hang out with, our friends and our church should all be the same people.

Community with believers is something we must pursue. It will not fall in our laps. We won’t accidentally blink and magically be eating dinner at their house. So I encourage you, (as this is something I’m working for myself) to seek out and “belong” to the (a) community of believers and stop just “attending” church.


  1. The church is the body of Christ, yes? Not a social club for people to engage in a “who’s the holiest” competition. As the body, our arms need to be reaching out to the lost in our communities,our legs need to take us to where they are and share the love of Christ with them in ways that they will understand, that meet their needs. By doing that, we can help them understand what love really is and help them establish their own relationship with Christ! oh, cool blog!

  2. We have a wonderful church family. My favorite service is on Sunday night. This is a time where we let it all out. We all get up in front of the church and might sing for an hour. My dad is the preacher so he then brings the message and we might talk for another 30 minutes about how the Lord has blessed our lives.

  3. I attend Messianic synagogue. I am the church – a part of the called-out ones.

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