Posted by: Drew Wilson | January 26, 2010

Lose some (spiritual) weight!

When I was working as a youth minister, my students and I had this running joke. We always thought it was really funny how people would make analogies about everyday life activities and turn them into spiritual lessons and then use some phrase like…”you’ve got to ride your spiritual bicycle.” These always cracked us up so….when I was thinking today I decided to use one of those little phrases to intro the thought in the blog today.

We are selfish people aren’t we? We always want to know whats in it for us, even when it comes to church. Who hasn’t made that mental list of things WE WANT in a church. We go in expecting certain things be done FOR US.

One of those is always being taught the bible. (being fed spiritual food, haha)

I think that’s a good request, don’t get me wrong. We definitely should be growing in knowledge of the bible. That’s a given. We should also be doing this in our personal life as well, but that’s not really where I’m going with this thought.

(you may be wondering…when are we getting to this weight loss thing??)

Well, here goes. Just like we overeat food here in America, it seems like we are being fed a lot of (spiritual) lessons as well.

I mean, if you go to church once or twice a week, there is some lesson there. If you listen to a sermon on 91.9 KAVX there is spiritual food there. Maybe your listening to the music on 90.9 KSWP and hearing his word sung out in the form of a song. There are millions of devotions online. (thats like a spiritual buffet)

All that to say, we’re being fed a lot, but what happens when all you do is eat all the time? Well…you get full and you get fat.

Its a great thing to be fed spiritually (and physically) but if you want to be healthy, there is also a time for exercise. (you know…spiritual exercise) Sharing what your learning about Christ is exciting, it encourages others and is the intended output from spiritual input. (better get on your spiritual sweat pants) This week get out there and share what God is doing in your life. Share what you’ve learned about Him with others. Even if you don’t feel you know a lot, openly share what you do know.

You can help trim the fat by volunteering at your church (they NEED you), volunteer in community activities and meet others who need to hear about Christ, be involved in teaching a bible study or sunday school class, share a devotion in a blog, IM or email a friend who God puts on your heart as someone you need to share him with…the possibilities are limitless.

Now get out there and burn some that spiritual fat! (don’t forget to bring a spiritual sweat towel)

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