Posted by: Drew Wilson | January 21, 2010

Share the Gospel, use words when neccesary…(what are you, a mime?)

This is one of those little cutey little phrases you hear a lot. Its fun to say it sounds really spiritual, but deep down its almost like when we say this its our excuse as to why we don’t openly talk about Christ or his gospel.

I was listening to Matt Chandler (which i love his sermons and a few blogs ago you can find links to his stuff) and he exposed this little phrase as what it really is…pretty dumb. One of his examples made me laugh so hard but also think about myself. He gave an example of how that phrase might work…”hey i noticed you didn’t order a beer at dinner, and you didn’t order a scotch on the rocks…you have something I want, tell me about your Jesus”.

If that is your plan to share Christ, I’m betting that you have yet to have someone come up to you and ask you to tell them about Jesus, because it was just SOOO apparent by your actions they just had to come ask.

Here’s some reality, if you are a believer you have been called to share the Gospel of Christ with your life…AND your words. (what are you a mime or something?)

I’m no master at this, so don’t think I’m claiming that, but here’s a few things I think about when it comes to share Christ in daily life.

1) Am I personally in a growing relationship with God, in his word and allowing his Holy Spirit to guide me. (because I’m just not smart enough to see the opportunities that God puts in front of me, i need him to open my eyes and lead me there, and give me the words to say)

2) Is looking “cool” or being accepted by everyone more important that sharing Christ when it feels a little awkward? (Now we don’t typically stop in the aisle of a grocery store and share Christ and pray with someone,  that’s not the norm, but if God leads you to do that will you get over the fact that its a little awkward and be obedient?)

All this is just to encourage and remind you that spiritual matters are TOP priority in this world. (remember that whole seek ye first thing?) One day everything else will pass away. When you die, no one really cares what kinda car you drove, job you had, how many people liked you…all that will matter is your relationship with God. And on that note, all that will matter for that person that Christ may be leading you to share the Gospel with, the same is true for them. Will you be obedient and show true love to others by sharing Christ with your life AND your words?


  1. I think you’re right on. The phrase is used more as an excuse than anything.

    However, I do believe too few people have seen Christianity lived out in the form of believers marked by generosity and a happy-go-lucky lifestyle resting upon the Lord.

    Great post!

  2. Thanks for checking out the blog Jason! The more I learn about God the more I realize how short I really fall of the goal to live out my beliefs. My prayer is that even when I fail, my response points to the mercy and grace that Christ has given me. May we all strive to live more Christ-like in our actions and words.

  3. I don’t do it much, but I have to disagree (partially) with Matt on this one.

    “Preach the Gospel always, when necessary use words.” I understand the key word to be “when”. When is it necessary? Always! The author did not say “if necessary” which would imply that sometimes it’s not. I think the “when” here is more about timing. Kind of like love. “I love you” is probably not the best thing to start a relationship with, but as some point it becomes *absolutely* necessary. When it does, we use words.

    Has it been abused? Absolutely. Do people use it as a cop-out? Without a doubt. Does that make it a bad quote or a bad phrase? No, just a misunderstood one. Just my two cents 😉

  4. Very good points Paul, thank you for sharing. I guess i really wouldn’t consider the phrase a “bad” one, but more of a poorly worded one, seeing as how it can be easily be used as a loop hole. Perhaps in its place a phrase like, “Live your life constantly honoring God with all your actions and when you have opportunity never neglect to share Christ with your words” would meet the same goal minus the loops. haha.
    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, sometimes its only when we see a disagreement that we truly think out issues, especially when it comes to God’s word.

    (PS. I’m going to go back and listen to Matt’s sermon and make sure I didn’t personally replace an “if” with a “when”. Just to be sure, because i definitely did not think of that while writing this post.)

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