Posted by: Drew Wilson | December 29, 2009

New Year…so what else is new?

Hey everyone,

So probably no one even checks my blog any more since i’ve taken such a long break from writing on here. But nevertheless I’m back to share some thoughts on the new year with you, perhaps my only reader.  ( haha…seriously)

I’ve really been snowed under recently and I’m currently attempting to plan out the entire 2010 calendar for promotions for the station.

My goal and our goal as a station this year is to help people in the community and help people help others. You may have heard about the “Love Out Loud” events, and that’s what they are all about. Asking the question…How can we really make a difference in the lives of people in our listening area?

Its not an easy question to answer all the time, but we have some fantastic plans (and pants to match) for 2010. I’m not finished yet though and that’s why i come to you via the blog today.

(here’s where you come in)

Do you know of  events that KSWP/KAVX should partner with to help Love Out Loud in the community?

Do you have a cool idea of a way that KSWP/KAVX could reach out and share the love of Christ with our listeners?

While my head is jam packed with awesome ideas (and lots of completely random junk) I’m sure there are loads of great ideas floating around in your head and maybe you just never knew how to make them happen. We’ll lets dream big and see what we can do together to help our community and share the Love of Christ Out Loud in 2010!

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