Posted by: Drew Wilson | November 5, 2009

The Hard Way (thank you DC Talk)

So this morning I’m having one of those, “i think i might be braindead” mornings. I was just completely zoning out during ever task. I was trying to shave and i got the shaving cream on with no problems, but then i went into braindead mode. I knew there was something on the counter i needed to pick up….but what was it? Finally i made a move, i picked up the hairbrush (and felt really dumb). Once i had the hairbrush in my hand it all came back to me, earth to Drew!, you need the razor!

Strangely enough this reminds me of our spiritual walk as we aim to follow Christ. As Dc Talk put it back in the 90’s “sometimes you gotta learn the hard way”. Sometimes we will make a dumb decision and finally when we’ve messed up we realize the correct response was so crystal clear in front of our faces. (how did we every miss it?) Of course we probably also realize that the whole time God was whispering the answer in our ear but we didn’t listen until it was too late.

Why make the mistake? Stop and think before you make that choice. God is whispering the answer in your ear. Listen for it and act on it, you will never ever regret that.

PS. Later on this morning while drying my hair I tried to turn the hairdryer off by turning the sink knobs, wow. Its going to be fun day.


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