Posted by: Drew Wilson | November 2, 2009

Listen up!

Wow, its sooooo easy to get too busy. It happens in an instant and all of a sudden your day is gone, the week is over and you’re at the end of another month and you felt like it all just flashed before your eyes. Chances are if you’ve gotten too busy, you may have also gotten “too busy” for God.

Its easy to drown out that “still small voice”. Before you know it you have no idea what God wants for your life, he’s slipped down your priorities until reaching that final resting place of rock bottom.  You’re still moving so fast you hardly notice,  its like your the twitching body of a headless snake, still moving and busy but disconnected from the one thing it needs more than anything else.

I’ve been twitching and moving and busy for a quite a while,  so stressed and living a life so loud there’s no way I could hear what God was whispering to me.  But i finally got quiet, slowed down and began to listen again.

God is asking me to do something that is very tough for me. I have a family member whom I’m not really close with even though as far as location goes there’s not much distance between us. I do not know the condition of their heart, i know that religion has been a kind of unmentioned topic around them in the past and I’m not sure how to bring it up.  Although i have a feeling, if i keep listening, He will show me the way.

I hope you are with me in thinking that there is nothing more important in this world than sharing the message of Christ and leading others to accept him.  Maybe God is whispering to you a name, a family member, even a stranger than needs to hear his message. Are you listening?

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