Posted by: Drew Wilson | October 8, 2009

The Sock Conspiracy

Is it just me or have you noticed that there has been a complete shift of people’s opinion on socks over the last 10 years or so. (ok so i know i’m a little behind on this but stick with me)

shoes1It seems that socks have been stuck with a negative stereotype these days.  More and more I see people wearing shoes that previously would have gone hand in hand or (foot in foot) with a sock, now completely barefooted. Are we too cool for socks? Do you actually like feeling the insides of a shoe without that millimeter of soft protection?


What bothers me even more or the sock hypocrites! Yeah I said it Hypocrites! You like socks, you wear them daily but you HIDE them! Why are you not proud to show you are a sock wearer? You enjoy all the benefits of soft cushy foot comfort but refuse to proudly display for all to see that you are, in fact, a sock wearer. Oh, the no-show sock…you dirty little secret.

shoes5Why can’t we go back to a time when people were proud of their socks? A time where tube socked ruled and we wore those big colored stripes at the top like badges of honor. The closer to the knee the better, oh, have we already forgotten… Even the crew sock is shamed. We turn our nose up at mid-calf socks. Dare I say even the beloved ankle sock is now too tall for our sock despising culture.


I can proudly say that there is a load of soft cushy heavenly socks in my dryer right now and I walk on cloud-like comfort daily. To all sock-wearers, be proud. Show off those socks, but never with sandals because that’s just weird.

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