Posted by: Drew Wilson | October 7, 2009

Goverment “endorsing” Religion?

Today I was reading the story in the news about how a person was somehow “offended” by a cross that was raised in the Mojave desert as a memorial to a group of WWI Soldiers. You can read it here if you haven’t already.

The whole discussion got me thinking. One of the key complaints was that this cross was on government land, therefore a cross on this property would be the government endorsing Christianity. (oh the Horror!)

BUT, if I recall…this country was kinda founded by people who believed in God and apparently believed that God’s Word was important. How could we possibly know this? Oh i dunno, maybe take a quick look at these pictures.

All these places are found on Government Property  in Washington or State Capital Buildings (you can see more here). Seems like Christianity or at least God had a pretty big impact on those who designed these buildings. Last time I checked “in God we trust” was still our money. (which we worship more than Him)

All that just to say this, I agree that goverment run religion is a bad idea. America is a place for freedom, and that includes freedom for people to honor God. How can a cross in the dessert be so offensive when, inside and out, our capital buildings and monuments are covered with reference to God and his law which are much more explicit than a lone cross. (maybe in time they will be “offensive” and gone too)

I guess it just strikes me funny. It’s like a person with religious symbols all over their house and property calls in to complain about a neighbor who put up one cross in their yard.


  1. Well Drew, you know as well as I do that the secular progressives will never be happy until God is eliminated from our society. I wonder if there was a Muslim symbol and a Star of David next to that cross if they would have made a big deal out of it like they’re doing now (probably not). By the way, you better not show those pictures of our Founding Fathers being tied to God-they’ll want to burn those next..

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