Posted by: Drew Wilson | September 3, 2009

Warning: Snakebite!

snakeSo I was driving through town yesterday and I passed one of the animal care or vet clinic places and the sign outside said “snakebite season be careful” (or something like that)

My first thought was, “man i hate snakes.”

Then I began to think about how that was a pretty good warning. Just to let you know to be on a little extra lookout for snakes when you are out and about around the house or in the woods. It was a simple message but when applied it could save a lot of pain and agony.

The Bible includes lots of verses that i would consider “warnings.”

Hebrews 2

1 So we must listen very carefully to the truth we have heard, or we may drift away from it.

This one for example. A simple warning to remind us to meditate on Gods truth and his word. If we meditate and think on this daily it will help us not to put it to the back of our mind.  Simple but effective.

Sometimes all we need is a simple warning, a well timed reminder. We should all be encouraged to openly share Christ daily with those around us, it just maybe the warning or reminder someone needed to hear.

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