Posted by: Drew Wilson | August 12, 2009

Fishy Poll

Have you heard that when you buy fish (especially from wal-mart) that you are supposed to lift the bag (with the fish) above the security sensors on your way out the door?

Last night I headed up to an unamed retail store that boasts everyday low prices (always) and picked out a few fish for our aquarium. We just got the aquarium moved into to the house from storage and we wanted to get it back in action.

So during my trek through the store with the bag of fish, I think at least 10 people gave me the whole “lift the bag over the security sensors” advice. I’m a natural skeptic so I really wanted to just walk through and later have the satisfaction of knowing that some dumb security sensor cannot kill a fish,  but since I love my wife and she wanted the fish I decided to take every precaution.  As I exited the store I gave the fishy bag the courtesy lift above the security sensors.

I’m sure this would be a great opportunity to talk about peer pressure, or giving into temptation but what is really driving me crazy is the whole security sensor killing fish thing!!! Do you believe it? Vote and let me know.



  1. Hotline contacted Wal-Mart’s corporate office, and media representative Anna Taylor said there have been no “documented instances” of fish being damaged by the security scanners. Taylor also posed your question directly to the scanner manufacturer, whose representative said there have been no reported problems as you’ve described. The exploding fish rumor appears to be an urban legend, and Wal-Mart intends to notify its employees accordingly.

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