Posted by: Drew Wilson | July 23, 2009

Fire Away! Ask Drew anything

QuestionOK,  So I’m very much a people person. I love meeting and interacting with people and sometimes its hard to do that when I’m stuck in the studio behind the microphone. But, I have come up with a solution!

And that solution is: Ask Drew!

Ask me anything, ask me about the radio staition, christian music, world politics, ….biology questions…..quantum mechanics?….as serious or silly as you want let me have ’em. You get the picture anything you want, fire away and I’ll answer them in video form.

Post your questions here as a comment or email me at


  1. Do you think we’ll have World War III or a horrible disaster and lose all electricity and power?

    What would you do if we lost power to everything, even our vehicles? Would you stay where you are or try to survive somewhere else? Do you think you have the skills to survive?

    Maybe you believe a big war/disaster won’t happen and we’ll recover economically, have world peace and all will be well?

    Or do you believe in the rapture and Christians escaping what’s to come? What are your beliefs as a Christian on a global disaster?

    My inquiring mind wants to know! LOL!

  2. global warming. how is it affecting other parts of the world like in third world countries?

  3. good questions, keep them coming!

  4. My 13 year old grandson and I were listening to you Thursday afternoon when you asked the trivia question that was What does the census tell us people did twice a week in 1928 and only 5 times a year now. It was our last night of VBS so we didn’t get to hear the answer. Any way we could find out the answer? We love KSWP.

    Debbie Wiggins

  5. I read and hear many things with the word “Christian ” in the title or about it. In your personal opinion as a christian, what is your definition of a
    “Christian,” and what are their characteristics, and how should they represent our example, Jesus The Christ The Son Of The Living God to the world and unbelievers as well as believers? Do their words and actions confirm beliefs? I realize we should not judge one another, but we can be fruit inspectors.
    What is your Opinion and your comments?

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