Posted by: Drew Wilson | July 13, 2009

5 Mistakes to not make when trying to help someone

beggarSo i pretty much did everything wrong yesterday in trying to help out a guy in a parking lot.  Luckily it all went ok, but i’ve learned from my mistakes and maybe if you haven’t been in this situation before, you can learn from my mistakes as well.

So heres the quick story. Guy meets me in the parking lot as I’m dropping off some movies. He greets me reather excitedly. (you can probably see where this is going)  He asked me if i can help him push his car out of the road. I look at around and I dont see a car but he says its just down the street so I let him get in the car with me and Candice. His story changes quickly to him needing gas money, a ride to his friends house who has a gas can and so on. I don’t have any cash on me, after all i was just going to help him push the car out of the road. So i stop at an ATM and get him some cash. I ask where his friend is and he says his friend can pick him up from here, I let him use my phone to call his friend. (this magical friend who suddenly is available? not quite, i check the phone later and he didn’t call anyone) He gets out of my car 20 dollars richer and leaves me with the knowledge that I just made about 20 unsafe mistakes with this guy. (oh yeah and i guess the weird smell in my car was just a bonus)

Mistakes I made that you don’t have to.

1. Um, hello don’t let anyone into your car. If they need help, keep your family/spouse safe by not letting any stranger into your car. Once they get in you are vulnerable and they aren’t getting out until they get what they want.

2. If things aren’t adding up, there is probably a reason.  ( he said he needed help pushing his car out of the street but his car was no where to be seen….warning sign anyone?)

3. Don’t ever go to an ATM with a stranger, that just presents opportunity for them to think about holding you up and forcing you to take out all your money. (And greedy bums don’t need much persuasion.)

4. Never give cash to someone, if you want to help then meet the need they asked about. (if they need gas then buy gas, if they need food then buy them a hamburger.) If you give cash you may just be supplying them with drugs, alcohol or something else and therefor not helping them at all.

5. If they need to contact a friend, then ask for their number and make the call for them. (confirming the need is very important, after all I want to help people with honest needs, i don’t want to give away my hard earned money to a con artist)


  1. You left out ASK YOUR WIFE BEFORE YOU MAKE CRAZY DECISIONS! 🙂 I love you. You are just too kind-hearted for your own good sometimes. I am so glad your lesson is learned without any injuries aside from your wallet. Praise Jesus for the protection!

    Yes, I’m with you Candace, Praise Jesus for the protection. I think everyone learns from this mistake, Philip and I picked up a high hitchhiker needing a ride to a friends house. We were on our way home from Nac. and Mamaw had given me a baggie of dried marigold seeds. You should have seen how excited this guy was when he saw them on our dash. And he was really offended when I told him they were marigold seeds, he thought I lied to him I suppose!

  3. hahahaha dried marigold seeds, lol. Yeah i don’t think i’ll ever be inviting any strangers into my car again. Definitely learned my lesson.

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