Posted by: Drew Wilson | July 8, 2009

What book most encouraged your faith?

So I was checking my facebook and Mark from Third Day had this great post. He asked everyone to share what book (other than the Bible) most encouraged your faith. So why not share here, let me know. Its a great way to share rescources that have touch and shaped our walk with Christ.

Please share…..ok so I’ll go first.

I’m going to cheat and say that Mere Christianity by CS Lewis and Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller were probably two of the most influential books in my life. I don’t read a whole lot so I’m sure you guys have some great suggestions for me. Let me know what books changed your life.


  1. I may be a flamin’ heretic, but I just read “The Shack” and it has altered my view of God in ways I didn’t think were

  2. I actually have a copy of The Shack in my car, haven’t read it yet though. I’ve heard great things.

  3. I agree…I think The Shack would be mine. I loved seeing the relationship I have with God put so perfectly down on paper. I love that the book talks about how it is impossible and just plain wrong to put God and His love in a neat little box. He is infinite and a personal God who just wants to have a relationship with us, and who wants our relationships with each other to be meaningful and ful of love.

  4. I have read The Shack, and I have to agree with you Cory, awesome book. I also like Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Seriously, read it.

  5. Save Me From My Self by Brian (Head) Welch from Korn!!! Amazing proof of God’s unfailing love and grace along with protection for his people.

  6. The Experiencing God Bible Study was the life changing for me. I know technically it’s not a “book” but I either quote or use a concept from this study every week of my life. I also enjoyed Glory Revealed by David Nasser.

  7. I have not participated in the ritual of reading Christian literature outside of the Bible until recently, so I haven’t read many. With that said, Don Miller’s ‘Blue Like Jazz’ is an incredible book that even though I did not agree with everything in it, Miller’s heart for God was so apparent. The book continuously challenges me to actively seek God and grow the depth of my knowledge of Him.

  8. I’m not much into other books unless I know more about the author. Vital Truths to Shape Your Life by Stuart Briscoe is a very basic book. You can hear Stuart, wife Jill & son Pete on the program, Telling the Truth.

  9. I recently started reading The Great Controversy between Christ & Satan, by Ellen G. White. It’s a wonderful book, and it has made my faith much more stronger. I recommend it to everyone.

  10. I feel you MIchelle. Experiencing God is also one of the crucial books in my life. God desiring an intimate love relationship with me is an amazing truth

  11. For me it started with “The Shack”, progressed to “He Loves Me So,” then “Scandalous Freedom.” then “Rebal for God.” …. The one central theme is “Liberty or Freedom in Christ.” This is a mesmerizing message as I learn what I consider for me a new way to be a “Follower of Jesus.” God is so good! Al

  12. At the middle school/junior high level it was C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series that made head knowledge become heart knowledge – and back then no one really knew who Lewis was; and Rainbow Garden, by Patricia St. John, as well.
    Later in my high school years, it was Frank Peretti’s Piercing the Darkness & This Present Darkness that opened my eyes to all my mother had implored me to see.
    It is interesting to note that C.S. Lewis found his way back to God/Christ through the fiction writings of formerly famous author/theologian, George MacDonald… which is why I also think this is a great post! (as told by him in Surprised by Joy – a book worth quoting.)

  13. I will have to say the BIBLE is the book(s) that most influence my Christian life.
    I believe it is the ONE true word of God.

  14. I would say the moment I really “got it” was when reading Experiencing God by Blackaby and King. I was reading in bed and in a split second the words hit me in my spirit and I GOT IT, I finally understood…so hard to explain but I sat straight up in bed and was in awe…I finally realized He really did love me…I got up and called my mom and told her…we were both so excited and laughed and cried…it was a great moment and my life was radically changed from that moment on.

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