Posted by: Drew Wilson | July 7, 2009

Oldest Bible in the world available online

This is pretty cool and of course not without some controversy.  The Codex Sinaitcus is the oldest known Bible and is actually located in several different countries but this project is bringing them all together online at

You can actually go on this website and view the actual pages of these books, which is pretty amazing. Luckily for those of us who don’t read Greek or Hebrew there is a translation box there as well.

Where the controversy comes in is, there are several books not found in the traditional Old and New Testaments that are found in this version of the Bible.  Also there are claims that some scripture talking about the resurrection of Christ was absent. ( I quickly checked Matthew and found the verses about his resurrection were present there, so I’m not sure at this point which verse or verses they are referring to)

All in all this is an incredible resource.  Especially considering these pages aren’t even located in the same country, no one could have access to them and now anyone can with a few minutes online.

I’m curious to see how much news coverage this will recieve, I saw the story online at but most of the story has a negative spin about any differences with the traditional Bible. I’m anxious too see what some Christian historians have to say about this.’

I’m no historian but as far as books not being included I think its fairly easy to understand that this was not a tradition book written by one (human) author and sent off to some publisher. It is a collection of letters and law written under inspiration from God. I’m guessing that many other letters were written to many other churches and groups of people by the writers of the Bible and others and God worked in a way that brought together the letters he wanted us to have to share with us the message he has for us.

Check this is out and let me know what you think.


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