Posted by: Drew Wilson | June 22, 2009

To sneeze or not to sneeze?….

I get made fun of all the time because of my sneeze and it doesn’t help that its imposible for me to sneeze less than 5 times in a row.  Most of the people who like to pick on about my sneezing say its because I hold back.  (something I thought was a courtesy) I know I prbably make the funniest faces (and noises) trying to hold back and muffle my sneeze but I just can bring myself to “let it fly” and blow spit and snot across the room. (like Tim) Am i alone? I can’t be the only muffler out there.

Let me know what kind of sneezer you are….Are you a “Muffler” or a “Let it Fly-er”?

leave a comment and weigh in.



  1. I actually wake up in the middle of the night sneezing uncontrollably… and in that moment I’m sneezing some pretty serious sneezes. But when I’m awake I try to muffle, until I hit sneeze number 4 or 5, then I sneeze loud to try and get the sneezing attack over with…

  2. I don’t expel nasal fluids across the room. I was taught to cover my mouth when I cough or sneeze and so I do.

  3. hum… well… in PUBLIC… i muffle… but in private its a free for all… i actually like to sneeze though…. wierd i know…

  4. I’m a ‘Let it Fly-er’ all the way, and proud…. I’m so intelligent that people can learn even from my sneezes, so why hide such wisdom?

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