Posted by: Drew Wilson | June 4, 2009

The hardest lesson I’m still learning

Michelle touched on this topic this morning and really sparked my thoughts about freedom. Its a pretty twisty thought pattern so I hope I can make some sense in trying to talk about it.

Basically, we general think of freedom as being able to do what we want. (The definition #1 is  “the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint”) But, when we use this “freedom” to do what we want and that thing that we want is sinful, we really aren’t excersizing freedom at all.

For example, if someone does drugs or drinks alchol and they continue this use out of a sense of need for it, this surely is not freedom. This becomes compulsion and addiction. (this goes for any sinful action not just drugs/alchol) And, if someone were addicted to drugs we certainly would not say that they are just excercizing their freedom of choice, because they are not. They have become a slave to their body’s need for the drug, or in other situations a slave to their desire.

All this to say, true freedom is only found in God. Which sounds like a bit of a contradictory statement at first, but when you consider that God is our creator then we can only find our true purpose in him. If you want to know the function of an invention, you ask the inventor.

When we follow God we are free to be what we weren’t made to be.


  1. yes! I know exactly what you mean…I used to think if I followed Christ it would be boring, I didn’t want any rules or regulations…I didn’t want to be confined…wanted to have fun, let my hair down and do whatever I wanted. But I found out that those “things” I wanted to do trapped me and I became a prisoner of my own making. One of the most important things I’ve learned is that Sin Will Always Take You Further Than You Ever Meant To Go!

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