Posted by: Drew Wilson | May 8, 2009

Are you getting your updates?

So I’m a twitter addict. Let’s just get that out there in the open. Hi, my name is Drew and I’m addicted to Twitter. (you can follow my tweets if you want my name is drew1j19 on twitter, and heres my link)

A few days ago I was going through my day and it was about 7 at night and i realized my phone hadn’t buzzed all day. Its not because I’m so popular that I constantly get texts from my friends, its that I get twitter updates sent to my phone. So, i quickly shot off  the “on” message to twitter so I would begin to recieve those nice little updates, letting me know what was going on out there in the lives of my twitter friends.

About the same time all this happend I thought about how this situation related to my relationship with God. So many times I find myself busy and tied up and not hearing from God because I’m not listening for him. When my twitter updates were off, twitter was still running as usual. People were tweeting but I didn’t know because I was turned off to it. Unfortunately we can find ourselves turned off to Gods messages to us too.

Don’t forget to listen to God. Rely on him for your daily needs, decisions and encouragement.

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