Posted by: Drew Wilson | April 21, 2009

Miss California and the horrible no good bad day

miss-americaSo, definitely there’s a lot of talk about Miss California’s answer to a question about same-sex marriage.  She was very brave to stand up and share her personal oppinion on the matter, especially live and in front of who knows how many people.

You can watch the video from here. (listen to what the CNN folks say after the video)

Apparently, that CNN host lady can’t wrap her head around the fact that you can be glad people have a choice in an issue and also have a personal oppinion about that same issue. (mindblowing I know)

I am sooo happy that God gives us the choice to accept or reject him. I choose to accept him. I am glad we can vote in America, I choose to vote for blah blah.  (see its not soo hard)

I will admit the she did use some interesting words (opposite marriage?), but hey when you’re put on the spot like that its tough to answer any questions so going blank on a few terms is understandable.

Seriously though, this whole marriage thing is a tough bit. Its pretty plain how God intended it to be in his word. (no questions there) But, we live in a country that is more than just Christian people. God does not force us to follow him, he gives us the free choice to do so. So its hard to draw the line, when do we work to change/make the laws of our country honoring to God and when do we just live our lives honoring to God reguardless of what the world does around us.

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