Posted by: Drew Wilson | April 15, 2009

Your child’s texting habits: “sexting”

texting1A few years ago there began a big stir with keeping your kids safe online. There is lots of software out there now to keep innapropriate materal away from your family, plus lots of common sense ideas on how to monitor computer use. (like having your computer in family area, not in the child’s bedroom)

Now that everyone has cellphones with internet and texting capabilities, there are new opportunities for your kids to encounter innappropriate material. And one very common new way is called: sexting. Sexting is basically the sending of innapropriate pictures through text messaging. Mostly commonly, nude or semi-nude pictures of themselves.

More info about sexting here.

Personally though, I think that this whole sexting thing is just a symptom of the real problem. The problem is not the cellphones, its our minds. We watch tv and movies filled with nudity and semi-nudity and call it “normal”. We walk past the magazine rack and see that every single cover has some half-naked star on  it and thats “acceptable”.

 So when our young people get used to all that being normal, why is it then not so normal for them to take similar pictures? More and more teens are sending these pictures to their boyfriend and girlfriends to show their committment to them. Its like a new form of flirting. Its very important that we show them that God created sexual desire in us to be fulfilled in the marriage relationship and only there. 

Habits like sexting will only end in pain and embarrassment. When anyone engages in these kinds of acts they are believing satan’s oldest lie, that sin satisfies. Only Christ can satisfy your deepest needs and only he can bring peace in your life.



  1. I completly agree. Our society has just gotten use to seeing such things and think it’s normal. From generation to generation, we have lowered our expectations of kids and in result, demoralized our nation. I picked up my teenaged brother’s phone the other day and his background is his girlfriend in her bikini. A girl who claims to be a Christian, but because it’s normal for her to pose like that, it should go unnoticed. If it were me, I’d be deathly embarassed and ashamed because I’m not only represented myself, I’m suppose to be representing God.

  2. Wow, such a good point there. We are abassadors for Christ here on this earth, His hands and feet. It’s up to us to rebel agains the “normal” and live our lives in a way that honors Him and points others to Him as well.

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