Posted by: Drew Wilson | April 7, 2009

The Drew Krew

drew-krew-picSo, Suzie and Michelle surprized me the other day during sharathon. We were scheduled to work an on-air shift together and they come strutting into the building looking like this. haha. It took me just a second to figure out what they were doing, and we all had a good laugh.

It reminded me that while we don’t all want to have my hair or beard (no matter how stylish it may be) we can all come together as a family and have amazing close relationships with each other. Whether its KSWP/KAVX listeners or children of God in general we are all one big family and we should act like it.

Sharathon is one of those times where you get that “one big family” feeling. We’re all working towards the goal of sharing the gospel and we’re all on the same team. (once again that doesn’t mean we have to fix our hair the same way haha)

We want to send out a huge thanks to all the volunteers and listeners who gave of their time and effort and money to keep the mininstry of KSWP and KAVX alive and well. You are our family and I hope we work to grow closer together starting today.

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