Posted by: Drew Wilson | March 26, 2009

Should Christians Drink? Poll

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  1. Drinking was not is not are never will be a sin. At that time it was a way to preserve the fruit. Acts 2 verse 14 and 15 Peter didn’t say that it was wrong but that it was just to early in the morning to be drunk. Where the sin lies in all of this is the same as gambling, over eating are anything that you might do that could harm your testimony.
    If you over drink you alter your mind and could do things or respond to things in a way that is not proper for a christian.
    This and a lot of other things that you can get tied up with are not bad but the over doing of them is the sin. Eating is good for you but to over do it is not good for you. Gambling is fun but to look at it as a way to make a living isn’t wise.
    If you must over indulge in something let it be Christ only and do all other things in moderation.
    thank you for your time

  2. Thank you for your comment Mark!

  3. I think that if seeing you drink causes someone to stumble, then you shouldn’t do it.

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