Posted by: Drew Wilson | March 16, 2009

Rock Music Parent’s can approve of

If you’re a parent of a teen/college student or maybe a teen or college student yourself: here’s a few quick picks for rock bands that have some great music and an encouraging message.

red_endofsilenceRED: One of my newest fav’s, they are definitely on the heavy side but they come with great messages in their songs to help encourage thoughts on relavant Christian topics.



skilletSkillet: An old fav, music ranging from radio rock to some heavy tunes. Incredible writing, definitely one of the names that will go down in the history of Christian rock.


thrice-backThrice: One of my personal favorite bands. While they were never signed to a Christian label, their lead vocalist and writer is a strong Christian with an incredible gift for song writing. The music is incredbile and ranges from quiet acoustic tracks to heavy rock tunes.

Just a few quick suggestions if you are a fan of rock looking for some music that you will enjoy the sound and message of or maybe if you are a parent looking for some alternatives to some of the mainstream rock bands that your kids enjoy.


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