Posted by: Drew Wilson | March 13, 2009


tony-evans_72I was listening to Dr. Tony Evans a few days ago and I heard this story that is worth repeating.

Basically the story began as a woman was getting in her car one night and is heading home (perhaps from work or the grocery store…I missed that part of the story) As she begins to drive off she quickly notices headlights closely following behind her. She speeds up to try to make some space between herself and the following car, but the car would speed up and keep close. She takes a left turn and the car following takes a left turn. She takes a right turn and the car continues to follow. She begins to get more than just a little worried now and is trying to figure out what she is going to do to get away from this car. She spots a gas station that is well lit and still open and she pulls in and runs into the gas station. The car follows her into the parking lot and a man jumps out of the car and instead of running towards the woman he runs right to the back door of the ‘ car. He quickly opens the back door revealing another man ,who had slipped in her car unnoticed just as she got into her car earlier, who intended to rape or rob the woman.

The man whom the woman was afraid of turned out to be her savior.

Are you running from God? Sometimes we don’t really want to listen or adhere to what God wants for our lives, but he always has the best in mind for us. We could avoid a lot of trouble if we would stop running and instead welcome God’s correction and guidance.

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