Posted by: Drew Wilson | February 26, 2009

Concert Time!

b429-tourI’m getting excited, I haven’t been to a concert in a couple of months and the B429 Truth Hope and Love tour is coming through Texas next weekend (march 7&8).

We scored some tickets and backstage passes so we can interview the bands backstage, which is awesome.  Also, we might have a brand new video camera so hopefully it will all be posted online afterwards so you can see how it went. Better yet, pick up some tickets and we’ll enjoy the show together!

There are 2 shows close by. The tour will stop in Kilgore on 3-7 and in Coldspring on 3-8. I’ll be going to the Coldspring show and I think Al and Michell will be doing the Kilgore show. 

You can even win tickets by listening to 90.9 KSWP and 91.9 KAVX from today through Tuesday! (just listen in for your chance to win)

By the way, I LOVE Above the Golden State! and if you haven’t heard of them you’re missing out. I’m so nice that i will leave you a link here to their website. (above the golden state website) and here is a link to the B429 webpage as well (Building 429 website)

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