Posted by: Drew Wilson | February 20, 2009

Daniel Springs Camp has big project on the horizon

daniel-springsDaniel Springs is a church camp out in Gary, Texas.  I’ve been there almost every year since I was 10 years old and its a very special place to me. I accepted Christ in the tabernacle there when I was 12 years old.  James Speer is the Camp Director and a good friend and I just saw on his facebook that to comply with some new state laws and make repairs on the pool it will cost $17,000.  Thats definitely a huge chunk of change and a huge obstacle but we know that God has a way of turning huge obstacles into huge blessings.

Bro. Speer shared online that  “We have to grind off some of the fiberglass coating where we have holes or cracks and that is over $11,000. and then the state has mandated the every public swimming pool has to have a double drain and that is over $6,000.00 . We have to replace almost all the depth marker tiles and do a little deck work.”

I don’t have any ideas right now and neither do I have $17,000 but, its something to think about. I’m sure God has the right people and a plan to meet this need. Pray about it.



  1. Thanks for putting out the word. Your circle of friends coupled with my circle of friends makes a bigger prayer wheel and so we can accomplish more. God has somebody, somewhere that is looking for an opportunity to bless someone. Keep up the good work.

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