Posted by: Drew Wilson | February 5, 2009

Valentines Day ideas for Singles

heartsMy wife and I have many single friends and we wanted to all do somthing together for valentines day. We decided that we are all getting together to have a game night and we are also all brining those little kiddy valentines day cards to give out to everyone. Of course us and our friends are all really into game nights so thats always the obvious choice for us. Valentines Day can be a fun time for a whole group of friends, it doesn’t just have to be a couples thing. Plus theres a lot of fun in shopping for those kiddy valentines day card packages. You can enjoy Valentine’s Day if you are married, dating or single. Love is a wonderful thing, especially God’s perfect love for us.


  1. In this world we live in today, we are always having “it’s all about you” drilled into us. But actually, God teaches us that is all about others. I have a bunch of wonderful older friends who are widowed. At Valentines day and other special occasions I like to send unexpected and annonymous surprises to these people and watch their reaction. THe ones that used to do special things for them are gone now and there is a huge void left in their life so when special days come up, it kinda stings like having the bandaid ripped off again, and again. When you see the reaction and hear over and over again the appreciation as they relay the story to all of thier friends and how it made thier day week, you can’t help but get that unsurpassed fealing of God’s love and rich blessings. I found that I love doing these unanymous surprises for my friends more than giving to some of the people that kinda expect it. While it is appreciated of course, it doesn’t quite bring the thrill as it does to those who all too often suffer in silence. After all isn’t Valentines the day we are suppose to celebrate real love?! Spread the love ya’ll!

  2. This is an excellent idea! Such a great to way to show the love of Christ to others.

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