Posted by: Drew Wilson | January 27, 2009


dsc00578I saw this little yellow fence-like divider in the Minnesota Airport during my recent vacation. I don’t know for sure but I kind of got the feeling that it was a place you were supposed to put children to keep them stationary while you took care of business at the airport. (I could be way off) But, it got me thinking as I was looking through my pictures today.

Many times we view God’s word as a long list of No-No’s. We see the things that God tells us not do and we don’t seem to make it past that. Now I can definitely understand why a non-christian would look at it from that view point. It makes sense for them to view it in that manner, but a Christian should see things from a different angle.

This reminds me of an old illustration I heard years ago. (gosh I sound old now) The fence around a playground seems restrictive to the children playing there. It keeps them from perhaps exploring farther and going where they want to go. The world out there looks fun and exciting and that fence prohibits them from experiencing it.

But, with a quick look from another perspective we see that the fence actually protects the children. There is a street that runs right beside the playground and it would be dangerous for children to run out in the road. The fence also keeps people who don’t have the children’s best interests at heart from interacting with them.

The fence that seemed like such a bummer at first now looks like a great security and a great protection for the kids that play there.

God’s word is the same way. While it may include many things you should not do, these are listed to protect you. If you do those things you are setting your self up for some bad circumstances. God has your best interest at heart and he loves you and certainly knows whats best for you, even when you don’t understand it.

Also, as Christians we should look past the list of no-no’s and see a list of great things to do. And we can be excited that God touches and changes our hearts and desires so that things we didn’t do before, we now want to do. Its not easy to love others but the love of God changes us and encourages us to love others.

Don’t view Gods rules as boundries that keep us from having fun but rather his provision for our protection.


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