Posted by: Drew Wilson | January 15, 2009

They Just Want My Money!

moneymanI was listening to Tony Evans today. He’s so amazing. He always makes me laugh and think.

Today he was talking about how Christians will talk about giving offerings and tithing and say ” They just want my money”. He went on to mention how it was funny that we never say that when we go to the grocery store. We never say “forget that grocery store, they just want my money”. The same for the car dealership and the mall and so on. You don’t mind spending your money there because you have a legitimate need. You need food so you are not offended that they want you to pay for it.

How sad that we have no problem paying for our physical needs while we think its offensive to think about supporting a church where our spiritual needs are supported. I would guess that many of us  pay more for internet, tv and cellphones monthly than we give to our local church.

We need to be there for each other and encourage each other to worship God with all we are and all the resources we have. That does include our time, energy, and yes our money.

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