Posted by: Drew Wilson | January 5, 2009

The Church (its not a building)

Recently on my vacation, my wife and I visited our friends up in Minnesota. They are a wonderful family and we always have great discussion of Christian matters and this year was no exception.

I believe that the discussion began over the “Love Dare” book. We started talking about love and how we are called to love one another and then finally landed on the topic of the church.

The most obvious point we started on was the definition of the Church. It is most certainly not a building. The Church is the body of believers; it’s the people not the place.

We then focused more on the Church in how it is to interact among itself. Not that the things that the Church is called to do regarding the world were not important, but just not the topic we were covering there.

We came to the thought that the Christian life is not mean to be lived alone. I personally believe you cannot live a Christ-like life without interacting with other Christians. As humans the Bible reminds us that our hearts are sinful, deceitful and wicked and left alone by ourselves it would be impossible for us to hold ourselves in check. Thankfully, when we have others around us to help hold us accountable for our actions and help keep us on track we can then more successfully follow Christ.

The Church should be a group of people around us that we are close enough to, to share our fears and weaknesses and allow them to help guide us on our way through life. I’m certain the purpose of the Church is not to meet once or twice a week and sing pretty songs and eat lunch together. Its about daily living and working together.

Do you have someone who you can share your weaknesses with? Do you have someone who helps guide you closer to Christ? I believe God wants us to take Church from the acquaintance level and bring it into our daily life into a place of intimate relationship with other followers of Christ.



  1. Interesting thoughts. To Jesus Christ be the glory forever!


  2. I was there for that conversation, but great job! I am so glad that our friends invite us to come see them because it is always such a good spiritual renewal. Love you and your thoughts.

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