Posted by: Drew Wilson | December 1, 2008

Hostile Takover by Hannah Montana

dsc00508I know I’m not the only one noticing this but it seems as though Hannah Montana is taking over the world….one cheaply made trinket at a time.  You can turn a corner at a store without finding Hannah Montana soap, towels, wigs, microphones and yes…cardboard cutouts. I suppose each generation or decade (or year) has its hot ticket start or item, but this just gets a little crazy somtimes. Oh well, I guess i’ve done my part too, my band…recently covered the HM song “See you again”.  Although every time i hear that song i start humming “i wear my sunglasses at night…” haha.  Maybe some of you 80’s lovers will catch that.  Anyway watch out for stacked Hannah Montana paraphanailia in stores this Christmas….the sheer volume could crush anyone in its path.

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