Posted by: Drew Wilson | November 24, 2008

Brandon Heath “Give me your eyes” music video

brandonheath-album1One of my favorite songs of this year has to be Brandon Heath’s “Give me Your Eyes”. What an incredible song. A great concept of how we should aim to see things and people the way God views them.  Just as incredible is the music video for the song. Its a professional quality video that really encompasses the thought behind the lyrics of the song.  But you don’t have to take my word for it, check it out for yourself here’s the link 

KSWP and KAVX hosted an Christmas Concert with Brandon last year and it was a great show. I believe he is still growing as a songwriter and an artist and we will see many more great things from Brandon Heath. (my personal opinion is that “give me your eyes” has a great shot at song of the year)


  1. That song has challenged me in so many ways. The video for it is perfect (although my friends and I have spent many nights amused by the hat that appears out of nowhere and the borderline overdramatic fist pounding of the wall). I listen to this song every day on my way to work and pray it would stay fresh in my mind as I deal with people.. especially the people that drive me crazy!!

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