Posted by: Drew Wilson | November 21, 2008

Say What?…Worship Karaoke

chior1So maybe I’m all alone on this but there are certain hymns thats really I just can’t sing anymore. My tounge has in some way shape or form misquoted these songs and now its stuck in my head forever. OK, for example…i know its horrible but I cannot sing the hymn “Precious Name” ever again. At the end of one of the verses the lyric is “falling prostrate at his feet”. Now, prostrate is a hard word to pronouce quickly while singing and I end up saying a simliar word thats more commonly found in an anatomy lesson than a worship hymn.

Other common messedup hymns include.

Bringing in the Sheets  (Bringing in the sheeves)

Love Lipton Tea (Love Lifted me)

and the one that had to stop a choir dead on ther feet one Sunday…

Fooling in the rear of God  (Ruling in the Fear of God)

Do you have any worship lyrics messups to share? leave a comment!

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