Posted by: Drew Wilson | November 17, 2008

Another missed photo-op with Granny…

grannyHaha…I love grannies. I was super healthy and chose to pick up a little breakfast this morning at the nearby convienient store. I pulled in and picked up my standard chocolate milk and over sugared pastry. On the way out I opened the door for an older lady who was on her way to work. (at walmart: I saw the name tag) Let’s call her Granny. So, I couldn’t help but notice that Granny’s car  (buick, no doubt) was still running and the keys were in the ignition. (well duh, how else would it still be running) So I stop and think to myself, I would never leave my car running and unlocked anywhere. I guess its a testament to the times she grew up in. My vintage daydream was quickly cut short when I realized that dear Granny had parked obscenely close to my car. I did that funny sideways walk, opened my door and squeezed into my driver side door. Kind of laughing to myself I looked over at her car only to realize that this Granny had also somehow managed to roll up a few of those single serving advil packages in her window. wow. I guess other Grannies are not too different from mine. You gotta love all the funny sayings, habits and ways of your Granny. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving now, I can’t wait to have more great times with family and experience more halarious Granny stories.

(PS. I promise I will not miss another great photo-op like this again… that pic is not convienient store granny)

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