Posted by: Drew Wilson | November 6, 2008

National Men Make Dinner Day

menmakedinnerdayHappy National Men Make Dinner Day! Didn’t you know? This is the day when men all over america dust off their…aprons and attempt to cook somthing for the family. Don’t think that you will get off scott free family. The family dog cannot eat your portion of the meal…and keep the ketsup handy. Check out all the rules of the National Men Make Dinner Day along with Q and A for the Women on how to handle the holiday at the official website. (

You will enjoy this, and its a great fun idea for your family. Who couldn’t use a fun way to get the family to the dinner table together. And remember…a screwdriver (no matter how clean) cannot be used to mix ingredients.



  1. Well he didn’t make dinner but he took me out to eat, I’m happy!

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