Posted by: Drew Wilson | November 4, 2008

Rules? why bother

So I voted this morning before work. As i walked into the church, which was the polling place, i saw all the signs that warned voters to no wear any political candidate t-shirts and whatnot. So I walk down the hall into the gym where the voting is done and my first step into the gym…what do i see? I see a lady proudly wearing a political candidate t-shirt. ( with an unbuttoned sweater over it) She sat and spoke with the election judges…they said nothing. I wanted to pull out my camera phone and snap a quick picture but I did not want to cause any stress plus it was like 7 am. I’m just curious why we would make rules and then don’t enforce them.  People should not be intimidated or ashamed to follow the rules and make sure others do as well. (i wish i would have taken that picture now)


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