Posted by: Drew Wilson | October 27, 2008

You want me to what???

The Central ISD K.Y.S.S.E.D. (Knowledgeable Youth Stand Superior Eliminating Drugs) and Angelina County All Stars came by KSWP and KAVX today to deliver a gift basket (wonderful chocolate) and a Red Ribbon Week poster for the station.

We got a chance to talk to them for a bit and what they shared with was a litle surprising. (but many times the truth is) When asked if parents should be more strict on their kids to keep them from being involved in drugs and alcohol, their overwhelming response was… yeah.  One student said “they should be meaner” haha. It turns out kids do want their parents to be involved in their life and they agree that they their parents should tell them “no” in order to protect them from harmful situations.

Kids are smart. You were once one, you know how you tricked your poor old parents. Its doesn’t take long to find out which friend’s parents has the looses rules and then plan to hang out there each weekend. (or when they get older, go out drinking then spend the night at that friend’s house) That being said your kids can probably trick you…if they wanted to. The solution is to grow a healthy relationship so even if your kids to mess up, they know they can still come to you and you will be there to help guide them back on the right track.

So dont be afraid to be strict and protect your kids…they may even want you to.

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